The International Pikler (Lóczy) Association

The International Association Pikler (Lóczy) - AIP(L) - is a non-profit Association. Today it counts more than 300 members and 200 donators coming from twelve countries and three continents.

The purpose of Association is the help and assistance to the early childhood; in particular it wishes to promote the " well-treating " of children, ensuring their happy and harmonious development on the basis of ideas initiated and developed by Dr Emmi Pikler and the Pikler Institute, called also Lóczy, in Budapest (Hungary).

In fact, it is the threat which weighed on the very existence of the Pikler Institute, which started a movement of international solidarity to save it. In this manner the Association was created.

The safeguarding succeeded, the Institute continues to function. However, instead of depending on the Hungarian state as it was the case since its creation more than 50 years ago, it depends since 1998 on a private foundation called International Emmi Pikler Foundation. The latter is helped by the Hungarian state; moreover it has incomes generated by training-courses, by publishing books and films... However, to survive, it must receive financial assistance from Hungary and from outside. This outside help passes mainly by our Association.

Our Association is directed by a Board of directors of 8 members, coming from various countries.

Our activity develops in several fields:

- Information: we publish a Bulletin intended mainly for our members and donators, in 3 languages (French, English, German) appearing 2 to 3 times per year. We created and updated a WEB site which you are just visiting; we take part in various exhibitions, we publish articles to make us known.

- financial support for the training: in the form of scholarship for the members of Association who wish to take part in training courses given in situ by the Pikler Institute in Budapest. Similarly we also supported the which took place in Budapest March 20, 21 and 22, 2003.

- Support to the International Emmi Pikler Foundation by the efficient presence in Budapest of two deputy of our Association as members of the Board of the Foundation,

- Fund Raising for the Foundation and the Pikler Institute in order to contribute to the continuation of their activity.

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