In May, when we last updated our site, we wrote:

If nothing happens, the Pikler Institute will definitively

close its doors before the end of September 2004.

Today the Pikler Institute is still open and operational, we’ve succeeded in delaying the deadline by six months. But since May, 6 months have past,
and the situation of “absolute urgency “ has not changed.

The Institute, the International Emmi Pikler Foundation, needs a strong financial base. As we wrote in our association’s Bulletin n° 17, which has just been published, we, members of the Board, do not see any other way to ensure a solid financial base than to turn towards you to securing a great number of small repetitive gifts, as a way to compensate for the absence of continuous donations that we have not succeed in obtaining over the past few years.

We request that you all join the movement that was initiated by Ute Strub (Germany) and Henriette Lyngsö (Denmark).
We hope that a great number of people will take part in it.

Please read we’ve prepared and do what your head and heart tell you.

A Big Thank to all of you
who participate in the creation of this solid and important financial base.